Thin Talent at Arkansas

Yes I believe the need for so much junior college recruits speaks to a thin talent level at Arkansas

When I say that I am Not Saying the talent we have is bad

It’s thin that’s a difference

People leaving early
And an Arkansas tendency to offer kids who need development can leave you thin

The movement of our AA Offensive Center to D Line in special occasions speaks to this too

We got good kids - ones that are respectable but may need physical development - if they are a year away - well you get the picture

I am not saying what we have is bad

It’s thin and reciting for 4-5 star top talent is a cut throat business - besides many of those 4-5 star players Ark didn’t offer would never pass the character requirements Coach Bret requires

I think we are thin not bad

Agree we are thin…but isn’t that the difference between good and not good… DEPTH…

I’ve never seen a time at Arkansas when a good junior college player isn’t welcome. Agreed, that you’d be better off just getting four-year players. Mostly, I see other schools in the SEC taking JC players and transfers. Alabama has taken graduate transfers. Does that mean the Tide is thin? For sure, Alabama isn’t as thin as Arkansas. The limits of 85 on scholarship and 25 per year maximum mean that there might be holes from time to time. If a JC player fits, you sure want to take them.

Not against junior college players but I get the impression they are plug ins for needs where you need depth or inundate help

Bama I’m sure accepts far fewer college transfers than we do

Yes - college transfers are welcome - glad they reach the dream of Div I football

It’s good when dreams come true

My dream they help Arkansas win big

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Grad TR at QB next year. I also think that we need help on the Dline and LB so that means more JC guys too.

That is a very good point. I also think JUCO’s are needed more with the demise of high school Football in Little Rock and Pine Bluff. We are not creating much high school talent in Arkansas anymore.

Treat: Again, not trying to be confrontational but seriously trying to understand your thinking on Bielema. You have asserted often, and in your signature line, that Bielema is rebuilding the program well and “the right way.” Yet you suggest in the post I’ve quoted that going in to his 6th season that Arkansas may not have an SEC QB ready to go when Allen departs and also suggest JC help is needed on both the DL and LB. i read that to suggest significant recruiting and/or development inadequacies.

In short I have trouble reconciling “building the right way” with a program in needing a transfer at QB and talent shortfalls at DL and LB in what and always will be a league in which you are made or unmade at the line of scrimmage.

Am I misinterpreting what you are saying?

Just like Clay said that even Bama has holes in their roster so they sign JUCO’s and Grad Transfers to keep each year from taking a fall. Arkansas is just like many schools that have to sign JUCO’s and transfers, so I don’t see anyone saying that Florida sucks because they signed Zaire. Even schools in talent rich states like Florida have recruiting holes with players that just don’t get it. OM still had to sign transfers in high numbers at QB event though they were willing to buy players. What would A&M have been last year without Trevor Knight transferring from OU?

I think the 2018 starting QB is already on campus unless those that are already in Fayetteville aren’t as talented as we’ve been led to believe.

Texas A&M wasn’t anything special with Trevor Knight. 8-5, 4-4, not ranked in the final top 25 for third consecutive year.

Why did they need a transfer QB? Because Sumlin ran off several 5-star QB’s and was left in a lurch. Obviously, he couldn’t develop one on his own.

If the QB talent we have signed is as good as advertised, then we shouldn’t need a transfer. Enos hand-selected every one of them, with CBB’s approval. They have been in the system for years, we should be able to develop our own QB’s, given five years to do it and under the guidance of the same OC, the same system, etc.

A grad transfer is what I was thinking if anything at all. He would be a 1 year plug in as a grad transfer. I too think that Storey and Kelley are good but they are very inexperienced. We have to hope that we beat some people and play the guys behind AA to develop game experience. It’s summer and it’s just something to discuss.

A&M was quite good before Knight was injured which tanked their season late. They were quite tough when he was healthy as evidenced by hovering around the top 10 and their #4 AP ranking during the season.

Knight played in 11 games for A&M. He completed 53% of his passes. He lit us up and lit Tenn and SC up, not so much anyone else. He came into the year being fragile, he missed a couple of games, pretty much what you expect from a QB who runs in the SEC. Heck, our own CBB said at halftime of our game with them, “he can’t throw”…

After a month to rest and heal following the regular season, Trevor and the mighty Aggies played K-State in the Texas bowl. The mighty Aggies couldn’t hang with K-State.

They finished the year 8-5 and not ranked. That’s the third year in a row they have finished the season not ranked.

I don’t care what they were ranked early, they finished the year 8-5 and not ranked. They had Knight healthy in the Taco bowl and lost to K-State.

Hey it’s the talking time of the year, so I think it’s a good topic. I’m not here to argue, but I would say AA didn’t have a ton of experience when he took over last year. He had relieved BA when he was injured and at other times, but this time last year, we were worried about how he would respond. And he did quite well. I think one of those two or three (perhaps Hyatt) will separate himself in the Fall Camp or in the games. We do need to see them get some game time at some point. Personally, a grad transfer just delays the problem for another year. Somebody already on the team has to step up,