They've got the Wright Stuff Baby!

Fightin Wrighties advance at our expense. What a stnkin way to end it when it looked like we might pull out the win. The old dribble off the foot with no one around, phantom Defense on 2 three pointers, and a rushed circus shot when we had plenty of time. Just a loss of composure and concentration after a nice comeback.

I didn’t see the game, but according to the box score our three main starters were a combined 9 of 37 on FG attempts. You’re not going to win many games with that performance.

CMN’s system falls apart when we’re not shooting. We don’t play good enough D or get enough second shots to win when the shots don’t drop.

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Tough way to lose after clawing their way back to take the lead.

The biggest downsides to the Ladybacks all year if rebounding and playing good defense. If they are not hitting their shots and out scoring you there is a good chance they can be beat which is what happened today.

I agree…not a very good performance…We couldn’t shake off our miserable performance against Ole Miss at the SEC tournament. I didn’t see the game, but listened to game while driving. Just by listening, It didn’t seem they weren’t the same team that we normally see. Sorry for the team but it appears they weren’t ready for the big dance.

I’ve posted before that Neighbors needs to recruit more athletic bigs. Same big dibbled the ball off her foot twice. The last time really hurt.

Dunno who may come back, but next year could be a rebuilding year.

Wright State was excellent on defense. Every drive was contested. Not many open looks. Plus the outrebounded is by a bunch. We got outplayed.

Got killed by a freshman guard Jefferson, who was all over the place, second-chance points , and Wright State hit some BIG threes that they are not known normally for. I know they didn’t think this, but it looked as if they just thought they could show up and win. I know it was Coach Neighbors nuts as competitive as he is. Got a good core for next year, especially if Slocum comes back.

Defense and rebounding. Cmn is going to have to address this at some point. Otherwise, not shooting well will get you smoked and look bad doing it. Pitiful performance. At least he made it to the dance. We need some size inside. His big recruits haven’t panned out. But it’s a guard oriented attack, why would a premier big come here. I know we have the 6’5” 5 star coming in but she’s not a center.

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