They're Ba-aaack! Ole Miss Podcasters gold after Hogs whip the Rebs.

There was a link posted last week to these guys and their pre-Super podcast, in which they were very condescending and disrespectful to the Razorbacks, predicting Ole Miss would prevail in 2 games confidently. They also had several “hot sports opinions” on our fan base and program.

Well, they are doubling down after seeing their team get destroyed Monday. They even admit during this podcast that they left in the sixth inning! They start the podcast complaining about the umpires, saying they were the worst in the SEC. You get the classic "I’m NOT blaming the loss on the umpires, BUT . . . ". And then - guess what? - they get all over our fans for . . . getting on the umpires. That’s about as inconsistent as the strike zones they are bemoaning so much. By the way - I’m sure the fans in Oxford (or Baton Rouge, or Starkville, or Nashville . . . ) NEVER complain about the calls the home plate umpire makes in their home games.

And then after 2 or 3 minutes of that, they tee off on our fan base with some of the most petty and childish comments about us, our program, our facilities - you name it, they trashed us. They went out of their way to diss Baum-Walker because “they don’t have any seats in right field”. All the while never seeing the irony of them bitching and moaning like little kids themselves.

This is gold. … rld-series

When you lose 14-1 you ought to just admit you got your ass kicked. If you’re going to make excuses, at least do it a game decided by 1 or 2 runs.

By the way, after a while, they tire of recounting how badly they got beaten and take questions submitted to them by listeners. One of them asks about the Fermi paradox, and one of the pod-casters actually tries to answer it.

I wish I could have asked a follow up question: If life does exist elsewhere on a planet orbiting some other sun . . . does Ole Miss ever get to Omaha there?


got their !@!@!@ kicked and they want to talk about strike zone!! didn’t see any of the players from OM complaining and they gave our relievers major props in the presser! just a bunch of freaking losers! got beat like a rented mule!!

I listened to it & regret it. Three whiny babies trashing our fans. Good lord, have they never been around Ole Miss fans?

Yeah - apparently their fans never get on the home plate umpire on a balls and strike call.

Riiiiight . . .

Ole Miss fans complaining about our stadium? People mention their park as “historic”, they mention Baum as the best. … ballparks/

Any day is a good day to beat Ole Miss at just about anything, simply because their fan base makes it so easy to despise them.

Same for me. F this and cussing. . YOU TALK about no CLASS. What a bunch of cry babies.

For me there are teams I do no like but I have never DOG PILED on any SEC team that hard in my life!! Have you???

So you are right!! I wish I never listened to that trash talk.

BTW did anybody notice how their coach was yelling at their pitchers before taking them out?? AGAIN " NO CLASS" Right Wizard? And HI group?

I’m not in on any podcast stuff but did lock in on their coaches behavior on the mound. Thank you that our coaching staff has more style

That was some of the silliest crap I’ve ever heard.

I did not think it was that bad. I heard them give us our props and say they just got beat by the better team right up front. They also said we were one of the teams most likely to win it all.

They hate our fans and the Baum atmosphere…but they are not Arkansas fans, so, of course they do. If they loved our fanbase and said nice things about us…we would not be the Arkansas Razorbacks.

On the ole miss rivals site they gave us a lot of credit. Admitted we were the better team. Questioned their coach and program. Said we were one of the top 4 teams in entire sec consistently. Won’t listen to what these idiots said after reading the comments, but sounds like the typical ole miss fans and why I hate them.

Listened for a few minutes. Nothing but a profanity-infused trash can with little commentary on the actual play. More misplaced bashing on the stadium and fans. Riding the officials and opposition is what fans do, it’s their job. As long as it doesn’t cross a certain line, and most people know what that is, if they don’t, they may themselves outside the stadium, it’s all fair in love and sports. Those clowns are just sore because their team got an epic beatdown. Now the football team needs to serve up a double serving of crow in about 3 months after the comment about coach Morris. That needs to find its way onto a bulletin board.

Losing to the Hogs usually means they will be on NCAA probation for the baseball team in a couple of years.