They won't reveal who starts at QB

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Not necessarily a surprise.

That LSU defense doesn’t care. They are really good. They played well at Alabama, but the Tigers don’t have much of an offense. Darius Guice and little else. I would imagine we will allow their quarterback to have the game of his life which is business as usual for our defense.

We usually play LSU pretty danged tough, except for last year’s severe butt kicking at Fayetteville. That one was a mismatch. I don’t really know what to expect other than a loss.

I don’t think is makes any difference. AA won’t have time to pass and his is rusty.
Cole Kelly is a beast but this game will have him wanting to beat his home state team.
My thoughts are on whether or not the defense is going to ready to play and make some plays.
If we can’t stop LSU it won’t be a very pretty game.
After the embarrassment against CC maybe the team has some motivation.

Can you possibly unravel BB’s comments about the QB for last game?
AA was 100% but CK gave them a better chance? AA wasn’t in the flow? The scorea t halftime was such that AA couldn’t get in?
I could never really make sense of his comments.

To me, it sounded like they just felt Cole was the best option. Austin was apparently 100 percent and practiced fine Wednesday and Thursday. Whether they thought Cole was the best option because of the time Austin missed or whether they think he’s the best option period is up for debate.

I was of the strong opinion Austin would be the guy when he’s healthy. Obviously it appears that may not be the case.

I think they are seeing what I am seeing. Cole is a better all around QB and leader at this point than Austin is. He was also much better against Coastal than Austin was against FAMU.

Cole has been unable to hit the deep pass a lot but AA was ineffective in that spot too.
Cole shows more energy on the field.
They both may take a beating Saturday and Ty may end up in the game.

Can’t convince me that Cole is a better QB option. He’s either more hurt than the coaches are admitting or they’ve already waved the white flag.

Just look at the numbers. Advantage Cole and we know he is a better and more willing runner. And then there is personality and who is the team more likely to rally behind. Not even close.

I’m not convinced that Austin Allen is 100%. He may be able to play, but there is no way that he has the same power for an extended period that he had before the injury. And, with Cole Kelley in a boot, you have to wonder why Storey isn’t getting more attention. He may be the only truly healthy QB that is available. Does a now-experienced Kelley with a bum toe make him better than Storey who was running neck and neck with him prior to the season? I believe Allen starts this game. I just hope he can throw more than 30 yards with accuracy and power. As my high school coach said, “never over throw a short pass or under throw a long pass.”

I watched AA throw a little on the sidelines before the second half started, and those looked okay. Throwing motion looked normal, no indication of guarding, etc. I did not see the pre-game warm up, so who knows if he was able to get it downfield effectively.

During the game he looked like any other backup QB, nothing to suggest a big problem. But with shoulder trouble, that would not be unusual at all.

And as my old high school principal once said. “You step on my toe, I step on your heeeeaaad”. I believe that’s what Cole was doing to the Coastacleers on his winning TD run. The toe really didn’t seem to hamper his performance. I believe he will be ready to go on Saturday. I do feel for Ty. Saturday was supposed to be a day for him to get the most significant PT of his Razorback career.


Is your name Fred? And do you beat a dead horse?

I don’t think Austin is injured. But that doesn’t mean his arm is as strong. I didn’t see great zip when he warmed up Saturday afternoon.

So are you saying he’s 100% or saying he wasn’t injured or not injured Now? Just not sure what your saying. WPS

Reading the latest story it looked like AA really wasn’t 100% last Saturday. Guess the coaches just let everyone think that he was ready. Now CK in a boot. I expect to see AA start but for how long is anyone’s guess.

IMO the game plan was to let Cole start and when we were supposed to be ahead let AA get in for a series or 2. They were hoping in the first quarter we would be ahead 14-zip. Maybe sometime in the 2nd quarter it would be 17-zip. Or 17-3. The complete game didn’t play out even close to what “everyone” thought.

Timing is everything. At one point one of the kids watching at my house said “put AA in” I actually said if I was AA I would have thrown up my hands and said *ell No you guys got us in this place now work it out.

Also, as Clay stated that arm strength was not there. So you just ask AA to come in and save the day? NOBODY says this but a lot of money is on the line for AA. He has a chance to make the NFL. He could make a nice backup QB somewhere. THAT IMO is why CBB said in the presser that it just didn’t work out.

So if he had put AA in there and AA started to press himself and boom he farther hurts his arm.

Does nobody get that angle. Then Cole is limping. So let’s see if we can just toss AA in there and hope for the best.

That’s my view or what happened and I’m sticking to it. LOL

JUST my 2 cents.

Clay, Matt, anybody could this not be the case??

LSUi is going to have to practice preparing against 2 quarterbacks they do not know weather allen is 100 percent or not or if kelleys toe is bad that should help ARKANSAS

The problem is neither one is appreciably different from the other from a style standpoint so they can still prepare for the same offensive scheme.

I expect AA to start and Cole to finish