They whooped us, but

Not nearly as bad as the score indicates.

We just plain ole wore out on defense. Prior to just hitting the wall I thought the defense played FAR BETTER than any defense we have had since we had Flowers et al with Bielema.

Catalan is gonna be a star. Busta played great. And I thought little Grant Morgan played his face off. The D-line played really well for the first 60% of the game.

I thought Franks played very well. So did Burks.

We couldn’t block the at all for any semblance of a run game. That was not a shock. Also, man…if we could have gotten decent field position when we still had some gas.

Oh well. This went like we all thought it would. Except I thought the defense looked dramatically better than I thought they would.


Actually, the whooped us butt.

Agree. A lot to like relative to where we’ve been. That’s the best defense we’ll play all season. Maybe the best team overall.

Excited to see how we look against the mid-tier teams like A&M, Tennessee, etc.

Like the run defense a lot. Our running game will look much better against less stacked teams.

We will continue improving.

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I think that the real key will be, how does the team react to this loss. Hopefully the coaching staff will be able to instill a positive attitude and keep them working to improve. The offense just has to develop enough to allow the defense some time off of the field.

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I saw a lot I liked and some that resembled the past few years, but that’s to be expected.

I’m just glad I didn’t see any quit in the team.

I do have a question about the Briles offense. I think it’s a good offense, but should we be going so fast this year with little depth on defense? One of the announcers said that Georgia was rotating or at least could, about 25 players in on defense. If you are consistently going 3 and out, that’s putting too much pressure on the defense and we don’t have the depth to keep having games like that.


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