"They Wanted It More!"

How does CBB overcome this? This quote from Santos Ramirez always is haunting.
There is nothing I hate hearing after a loss than that.
Who is to blame for a team that is out played emotionally? You can blame it on the coach, but ultimately it is up to each player to reach down and do their jobs.
There is much for which the coaches should be blamed, but the players share responsibility.
I hate hearing that AA is frustrated. I would prefer he were mad as hell and channel that anger. He started the season flat and overall has stayed there. He looks like he expects to take a beating and carries himself that way. He did not lead Saturday.
I know everyone is blaming the coach. The usual Long haters, are taking the opportunity to blame him too. But the players deserve a lot of blame too. I know that is not a PC view, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

Good post and I agree! One of commentators at the A&M game said our biggest problem we do not have many SEC caliber players and until we get some we will continue to struggle in every phase of the game! I think our biggest problem is recruiting and until it gets better we will see zero improvement no matter who the coach is!

There’s a lot of truth here. HDN was good at “firing up the troops,” better it seems than CBB, but once adversity comes, the players have to reach down deep and “want it more.” That’s what competitors do. Not saying any of this to take any responsibility off CBB, but just agreeing there is the responsibility of each individual player.

To me that is the death knell of BB. I can’t recall that statement (excuse) being used after a loss and the coach being retained very long. May not be after this year (may be, not making a prediction one way or the other).

But can we? DD says (and I believe him, he is very honest) that this staff works harder at recruiting than any other he can recall. I agree the RESULTS of that hard work are not there. Not sure any coach we hire can recruit well enough to make us competitive in the SEC. Not without cheating anyway.

I have this theory about the stages that a “once great” football program goes through when they hire a new coach in an effort to revive their program and the whole process turns sour.

The first stage is: Excitement and exuberance. A lot of hype and media buildup goes along with this stage.

The second stage is: Disappointment but still hopeful. A strong fan base clings to hope.

The third stage is: Hurt and anger. The fan base exhibits extreme and vocal criticism.

The fourth stage is: Apathy. The fan base has given up and does not give a rip. They quit buying tickets and quit following the team. If the AD has engaged in an expensive building campaign, football bankruptcy may follow.