They rushed 3 and sacked our QB. A CUSA team. Enough said...................

…but I can say more.

So, which positions on offense would you not trade with North Texas? Which position do we have the better players? QB? Nope. Wide receiver? Nope. They have a Mackey Award nominated tight end. Did our tight ends catch any passes? Nope. Enough said. Offensive line? I saw their tackles blocking Agim and Ramsey pretty well. Maybe this one is a tie. Running backs? That might be the only position.

Special Teams? They covered and kicked better than us. We got out-coached on that trick punt return. That was a called play and their blocking was set up perfectly for it. Nope.

Overall, our defense played, for a while, good enough to compete in the game. After 6 turnovers, you got to give them credit for not quitting totally.

It will be a very long season. JMVVVVHO.


Hogmodo, I don’t disagree with you. I will add this though.

IMHO, there is nothing wrong with our RB’s nor TE’s. The TE position is a banged up position. CJ not being able to be “Chayenne” doesn’t help. But we do not lack talent at those positions.

I don’t think we are bereft of skill at WR. Do we have a difference-maker? No. Jordan comes closest. But he’s inconsistent. The main problem with the WR’s is the new system. They aren’t in sync with the QB. That’s not talent. That’s a new system. And not enough time.

We do lack talent on the o-line. That was Bret’s biggest failure if you ask me. His whole program was geared around being great on the o-line. I thought he would get that done. I was stubborn in my support of Bret–thinking we could be elite if we indeed did develop the best O-line in the land.

But it went the OTHER way!

I do think our Viking center is talented. I hate hearIng we have “no NFL talent” seeing him bust his ass up front. And Robert and Brian aren’t horrible. Its the left side that is just getting caved in. Over and over. And, with the new system…they get confused by stunts and line games. People just come free.

Then there is QB. What needs to be said there. My question is how talented is #13? If he’s as talented as his reputation, and we all saw he is mobile, surely its a matter of time before he learns the offense well enough to take that position over. Maybe he’s not as talented as Jake Fromm. He’s certainly not DeShaun Watson. And he certainly doesn’t have the supporting cast those guys had. But the eye test seems to show Noland is the most talented QB on the roster.

Hoping Ty plays great from here out. I really do. Great kid. Smart. Knows the offense. Runs pretty well. But his accuracy is so iffy. I can’t help but wonder, will the position become Connor’s sooner than later? If this were the old days and Clay was getting to see practice (man…those were great days…Clay’s reports from practice!) we would all have a more informed opinion.

I don’t think the old days are ever coming back. This story from a Utah newspaper gives a pretty good look at why coaches have clamped down on practice reports.

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CBB’s biggest failure was running off Jim Chaney. No way he was keeping Sam Pittman after that. Our recruiting went downhill faster than an olympic skier.

Great post Maestro! I agree with your thoughts.

most all of them were b/c our tackles were beaten easily and there is no excuse for that…technique was bad and no passion in setting up properly…