They never gave up

Just not enough horses

That’s what I saw too. Bama is not an NFL team but they are far better than 99% of NCAA teams.

Agree, proud of the effort today! Expect success the rest of the way!

With a better defensive effort, Bama could have been beaten. You should be able to beat them with 30 points and we could have scored more. This loss is a lack of effort on the defense.

They scored 14 on our offense.

Bama left 14 off the board with fumbles in the red zone.

The points they scored on the defense were easy. Easier then easy. All their plays work when no one wants to tackle. That puts the the offense in a bad position.

You just can’t give a team that good 5 turnovers and expect to win. We competed but we didn’t play clean.

I expect us to not give up easy Td’s that put us behind that early and really never stop a team that running basic stuff at you. Our offense is less than perfect but I see effort from them.

Was proud they continued to fight!! Doesn’t make it feel better, but Bama beats almost everyone, and beats them soundly. Fundamental tackling and this is a competitive game.