They laughed at us...

In the SEC network when asked who would win.

And I didn’t get mad…

At this point I just want a close game and build upon that.

Just imagine how hard they’d laugh if we pulled the upset.

That won’t happen. David had better odds against Goliath than we do against Auburn.

saw that and it ticked me off!! somehow someway I hope we can turn this around…Fbaum is the one that did it…little turd!!

It’s very much like the early 90’s for Hog Football.

The good thing is, programs can be resurrected quicker now, due to more relaxed transfer rules.

We are the new Vandy…

Nothing new - have been for awhile now. Our SEC record last six + years is almost identical

This is one of those the stats don’t tell the whole story, Vanderbilt, UK, and Tennessee have not been playing the same schedule we have for the last 8 years. The east is much weaker in this time frame.

Okay - how about this then. We are the new Mississippi State…


Without the educational reputation.