"They" have always said...

Just get em on campus and Arkansas can get them.

He got a bunch on campus. Can he close now?

Don’t expect to get all of them, just want to get a decent share. CBB got a bunch of four stars on campus one year towards the end of the recruiting season, swung for the fences with no backup plan, and got zip including no high school cornerbacks whatsoever that year. He never recovered from that recruiting setback. When you go after top recruits, all of the schools that are their finalists have great facilities too.

Same thing on Texas recruits. We just need to get a decent share. In this just signed class, CCM got a good number of Texas High School recruits to visit us, but the only recruiting battle we won was for the JC running back Boyd. The other Texas recruits were already coming, either SMU commits he flipped or coming no matter who the coach was like Pool and Jones. He and Chavis had a chance to flip some A&M committed defensive ends, receivers, and defensive backs and he had some chances to flip OU committed receivers and defensive backs. They lost all of those contested battles for Texas recruits except Boyd. The late start hurt, but his winning percentage on Texas High School recruits in the future should and has to go up a lot if he is to fulfill his promise when hired. The potential ability to compete for high caliber Texas recruits successfully was, in my opinion, the top reason he got hired.

It’s more than facilities, as most P-5 schools have very good ones.

You need time to get to know the kids, and you need to sell yourself as a coach/friend to them. Relationships must be strong and it takes time to achieve that.

What I am concerned with is after a couple years will the staff still have that burning in the belly to recruit at a high level.

I’m impressed with Morris’s efforts so far but I was impressed with B.B. swinging for the fences also. But we all know talk is cheap

Before the recruiting gets better he is going to have to do more with less to gain the confidence of recruits and their parents. I’m not saying he has to win 9 games next season but he will need some highlights and a bump up in the right direction, then maybe just maybe he can fair better in the recruiting arena next fall. Moving a program from the basement to the top floor in the Sec will have many steps and all of them will be up hill. One step at a time will get you there eventually, but skipping steps will get you back to the basement in the blink of an eye. This process is not for a impatient fan base so get comfortable,relax, support the staff and players for around three years and if we haven’t at least climbed out of the basement then it will be time to start to ask some questions. WPS

Agree 100%. The win total has to improve and if somehow they can win 9-10 a year things will take off.

If we can win 7 games next year… I expect this to be the best class that has came through Arkansas…


He inherited a disaster…it will be a process to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I agree wholeheartedly we all need to be patient & support the next few years. If after year three no signs of improvement time to start asking hard questions.

Seems that numerous posters, many in a position to have an informed opinion, say that Coach Morris has some good talent to work with. Not trying to say everything is great, but seems “inheriting a disaster” is seriously overstated. The new staff is not recruiting with the benefit of a winning record, but seems many items important to recruiting are in pretty decent shape, especially from where they had been. Not attempting to defend the predecessor or be critical of those who preceeded him, which is unproductive, in my opinion.

I’m not sure calling what he inherited as a disaster because I think there was a lot of talent left on this team after CBB departure. The biggest problem I see with our players from the Beilima era is under developed and just flat out under achievers which are all due to being under coached. I’d be willing to bet the highlights of this team next season will be from the remanents of the Beilima players and it will be due to CCM change of scheme and his assistants getting more from these guys. CMM brought in some players but I don’t see many if any coming in this first year and being dominant players as freshmen IMO. I think the only disaster I see that CCM is inherenting in this team is it doesn’t have a “culture of success”,better coaching, players seeing internal improvement and believing they are improving with a chance to become a winning program will lead to a culture of success. Once you build that culture it will grow and confidence in one another and a team as a whole will grow, I believe lack of good assistants ,coordinators along with injuries brought the readiness of last years team down so low their was very little confidence on that team come game day. A new day is dawning with the era of CCM in its infancy, we are all hopeful for a return to a position of competitiveness on a national level and once again become a program that drives the fans of the Razorbacks to call the Hogs loud and often on crisp clear fall Saturday afternoon. WPS

…I believe lack of good assistants ,coordinators along with injuries brought the readiness of last years team down so low their was very little confidence on that team come game day.


One coordinator was successful in the SEC previously and the other is now on Saban’s staff after Georgia tried, unsuccessfully, the year before to get him. When the two teams that just played in the NC game both wanted your coordinator, that ain’t your problem. It was lack of recruiting. CBB’s system works fine at Wisconsin, Stanford, Georgia, etc. He just failed to recruit well enough.

Hogmodo, what you say is sadly true.
We have really hurt on talent and depth on
the defense for years. Most of our LB’s and S’s would
have been either second or third team on most SEC rosters.
When you are weak at those positions and you can’t
get consistent pressure on the QB, you will give
up a lot of scores. Reality is a great sifter.

We didn’t sign the classes Bielema needed to win in the SEC with his system, but we still signed average classes for Arkansas. I’m not sure what Stanford and Georgia have to do with anything, but unless you believe the 247Sports team rankings are wrong, then Arkansas signed better classes than Wisconsin when Bielema was there.

So I do think coaching was some of it, but recruiting was too. Bielema needed better classes to make his system work here and he didn’t get them.