They are striping the field today!

Football is almost here! :smiley:

Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy but that sad twinge
of long ago is a constant companion. As is the then 1967
freshman my precious Eloise(Blondie).
I was 20 and my Blondie Blue Eloise was a mere 18-year-old bundle of exciting and alluring possibilities.

Let’s hope this year begins the rejuvenation of our once esteemed football program to the level we enjoyed in that era.

I am literally salivating. :lol:

Yard lines, etc., are all down. Need to paint the end zones, the Hog at the 50, the SEC logo at the 25s, etc.

I know they won’t do it, but I’d love to see Slobber Hog painted at midfield.

Looking good, ready for some razorback football

Starting to come together…looks like a football field, bring on the colors and logos!!!

I wonder why they didn’t take the opportunity to center the field between the end zones?

North end zone is 2’ from hash lines while south end zone looks to be 15’.

Because the 50 yard line is centered in the center section of grandstands and press box

The NEZ seats simply come out further than the south

Exactly. They shouldn’t move the field to accommodate that.

However, I remember the subject of how close the corner of the NEZ seats came to the corner of the field came up early last year. At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal. It still might not be. However, it does look dangerously close in these new pictures. I hope it is very well padded. (I’m sure it is, but I still wish there were another 5 feet of space in there for safety’s sake.)

While the NEZ seats are closer, you do realize that this camera angle distorts the actual distance to the field?

Yeah, I realize that. I can’t tell how much distortion there is, but it appears closer to the field than I’d like. I took the distortion into account when I wrote my post. I don’t know if thewerner did. In fact, the distortion of the distances is pretty pronounced from that angle. The south end zone looks much deeper than the north even though both are 10 yards.

I sit in the NEZ, it’s not that bad, nothing like WMS, lol.

Good. And you’re right about WMS

Looks like they stopped or turned off the camera. Last recorded picture and time was from about 9:30 this morning. Wonder if it is because of upcoming Saturday practice. I loved checking it every day to see the changes to the field. Hope it goes back on after Saturday to see it finished up for game 1!

It says completed, and the practice/Beanie bowl is open to fans on Saturday, so no, it’s just a completed job, as is the turf field in Arlington, TN.