These Thur/Fri/Sat series suck

And they are going to really hurt our attendance on the Thur/Fri games that start early for ESPN purposes. A lot of working people won’t be able to get off work to get to the games.

The LSU series is not starting on Thursday for ESPN. It is starting on Thursday because Sunday is Easter. Both teams have to agree to the move, and most teams agree to it. Five of the seven series this week begin on Thursday.

Easter Sunday attendances have always been low. I think it was 2014 that Arkansas played Vanderbilt on Easter and there were maybe 4,000 people in the ballpark. Arkansas won the series that day and that Vanderbilt team went on to win the national championship. I might be wrong, but I think attendance will be higher for a Thursday night game than for Easter Sunday, just based on what I’ve observed through the years.

Other than Florida, the only other Thursday-Friday-Saturday series this year will be at Alabama on the final weekend of the regular season. Every SEC series begins on Thursday that week to give teams an extra day of rest before the start of the SEC Tournament the following Tuesday.


I think it is ridiculous to have any SEC baseball games on Easter. Like having a football bowl game on Christmas Day.

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