These so called "analyst"

Does it bug anyone else, when all certain analyst do is complain and talk about how wrong somebody else is, when in fact they are wrong most of the time.

I’m listening to CBS and hearing some of their guys complain about the seedings of teams and how bad of a job the committee did. The latest being Wichita State and how they were so mis-seeded. That’s what they’ve been talking about all since the Kentucky game ended. Wichita State, had 3 top 100 wins and 0 wins against teams with an at large bid with a 140 SOS. How in the world can anybody logically argue they were mis-seeded as a 10 seed. The committee has to be fair and base seeding on what they actually did rather than the opinions of what somebody thinks they will do.

And these were the same guys arguing all year about how good the ACC was and how it was a 11 bid league, now none of them say anything about the ACC getting completed dominated. They also told us the SEC was a 3 bid league all year long. I understand it’s their job to talk about stuff, but when you constantly complain and wanna call someone other people out all the time, at least admit when you’re wrong and base your arguments on something half-way related to a fact.

their job is only to justify and legitimize a rankings and post season system that is designed 100% for maximum television ratings.

Wichita State was overrated all year! Look at who they played ! The idiots from CBS need to take a hike. When they do let’s hope they load up Mr Palm, Goodman and Ken Pon.
The game is played on the floor. Not on a computer or ratings.