These refs

Really? My goodness. Same ole same ole. Awful

There was some mysterious stuff going on out there for sure

Williams got away with some charge calls which were actually blocks. He was sliding or got there late, I thought. He played great, and he makes this team go. He has improved so much this year.


They were letting them play and missed calls both ways. Looked like they called it like an NCAA tournament game

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I heard today they’ve actually changed that rule on charges if you are square they said you could be sliding. That’s probably the reason

Was talking about that with Dudley on twitter. His 1st and 3rd charges were correct calls, but the 2nd and 4th one I felt he got because he has a reputation for taking charges and got the benefit of that on those calls. That 5th offensive foul while not a charge was correct too as he took an elbow to the face.

I was watching some other game in the last week and that was being talked about by the color guy. He was also saying if you were squared up you could slide left or right.

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Yep that’s exactly what I heard

There was a block called on JWill that I thought was crap, and started to get a little steamed at the refs. Then on the ensuing possession Tenn missed their shot and in the jump for the rebound a Hog player was clearly over the back of a Tenn player, yet they called a foul on the Tenn player. I mean, on the replay he literally had his back to the Hog player and never even saw him coming.

So I’ll pull back from griping on the refs. Sure some bad calls and no calls, and they were shifting in how they were calling the game, but they did bail out the Hogs a few times as well.

That is the way it has been for years. It was just not called. That is correct. Both players have the right to that spot on the floor. a good point is to watch the shoulders.

Oh yes, that was about as poor a job calling a game, both ways, as you could ever have. Just like the SEC, basketball is now so good in the league, but officials are just bad.

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I like to think that the athleticism of football and basketball, not to mention the speed of the game, has continued to advance but the athleticism, not to mention the speed, of the officials has not improved one iota.

With all that TV money I’m a big fan of full-time officials, maybe even farm them out to smaller conferences for big games.

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Most refs work in multiple conferences. These same guys were probably calling a game in another league Thursday night.

My sympathies to the multiple conferences.


Tony Greene has worked multiple Final Fours. By the way, per HogStats we had the worst record in games he’s called of any of the three refs today.

If you want to call out the zebras, you should watch the film of Kentucky/Alabama today. Bama got completely hosed. It was borderline ludicrous. Bama had no chance. Worst officiated game I’ve seen this year.


I have mentioned that in a couple of other places. In fact I said something to the effect Alabama could fart and get called for a foul and Kentucky was allowed to use Bama players as step ladders to get rebounds. But that just the SEC protecting its ranked teams and the “magic” or Rupp arena.


It was egregious and embarrassing…kinda like the non foul call zebras when we played Bama. This kinda s$%t has almost ruined Toney…he is so tentative now.

Well, Tenn got way with 8 moving screens that weren’t called. Tit for tat. Refs finally called one with like 2 minutes left in game.

Home team should have majority of 50/50 calls go their way. The numerous moving screens on Tennessee’s forwards that weren’t called oth… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Complaining about the refs if you’re a Hog fan is unbelievable. Tennessee got the short end of the charging calls at several critical times. Let’s just be objective here. If anything the refs were mutually bad. It’s just part of ugly college basketball these days. Poor shooting and bad officiating is common. Fortunately Arkansas plays great defense and rebounds. You can win a lot doing that.