These refs...

Are really trying to keep LSU in this. Any little touch on their players and it’s a foul on us. Harris has been getting hacked all game no calls go for him. The guy slaps Adrio in the face and it’s just a common foul. We should be up 10-12 points if it weren’t for refs.

Ranked team @ home. Did you expect a 50/50 called game?

They were 12 for 13
We were 1 for 1???

Hogs LSU
1/1. ?/13
Free throws. Pitiful officiating. They should just simply go find something else to do on game days!

Yes, I expect people to do their job correctly. The Texas Tech and Ole Miss games were called fairly for the most part. Tennessee there was a little bit of home cooking, but you could live with that, but 1 free throw to 13 free throws that’s absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable, especially when the team with the 1 free throw has been living in the paint with their big man and our PG has been getting hacked all game.

Well the players aren’t letting the refs affect them.
Just keep playing hard men. Good 1st half.

That’s about the only way a team can shoot 63% and only be up 4!!!

But again we haven’t helped ourselves with lazy rebounding letting them dunk misses

The other way is when we turn the ball over.

The night we set the school record for shooting percentage in a game (79%), at Texas Tech in 1979, we won by 1 on a Sidney Moncrief leaner at the buzzer, because if we didn’t make a shot, we turned it over. If Sid had missed that leaner, it still would have been a school record and we would have lost.

I sure remember that game but I didn’t remember the TO’s
But I know we were EXTREMELY shot selective

Ok… this is absolutely mind blowing bad calls on us. How in the world do they not get called for a foul on Joe!!

We made 27 of 34 shots that night. Making 26 of 34 still breaks the school record, which had been set earlier that year IIRC.

This is absolutely ridiculous

This is an embarrassing performance by these officials

Truly pathetic

We are getting mauled by them and there are no calls

We are getting called for every little thing. We get mauled and no call. I have trouble believing what I’m seeing at times.

It honestly feels like they are trying to hand the game to LSU. There are some bad games for officials, but this feels intentional.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this, I’ve never seen a game officiated so one sided. We should be beat them by 25+ points. They have 26 free throw attempts to our 4. Have we ever been in a game where the gap has been this large?

Blatantly refuse to call a fouol on LSU. Unbelievable

They had to call that foul on Smart! It was so blatantly obvious!
Then we miss the FT and they come down and score.

In spite of everything, we’re in the double bonus for the last 6:40. Have to take advantage at the line.

You are right, Swine, but we miss FT and they make theirs.