These refs stink

But they stink against both teams. Why should a game of this magnitude be called by SEC officials? Bloody awful!

Hey, I think there should at least 2 sets of officials at these major games. NCAA watches and if they see blatant non calls or incorrect calls the official is immediately replaced on the spot.

Not saying that the officials stink, but in my watching the games it seems there were a lot of influential calls made by the officials and a lot of reviews. Targeting needs to be better defined or officials need better training, probably both. I know the intended purpose is player safety, which is important, but it seems too much latitude is subject to mistake. With the overall questionable competency of college officiating, even with the review process, there seems a fair amount of inconsistency.

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I think the time has come, for robot refs.

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It’s time for many overhauls to many rules within the game of football.

I think officiating all over the country has gone down quite a bit. I don’t seem to ever remember it being this bad to where they’re just blatantly missing obvious penalties.

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LOL that’s a good one my friend… Jetsons refs come to football year 2023!!

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