These possession rules are ridiculous

As long as the ball doesn’t hit the ground the guy caught it and has possession of it makes absolutely no sense otherwise.

What are you referring to?

the play agianst bama where they said he didn’t possess the ball b/c he was bobbling it on the way down…well he didn’t drop it!! it never hit the ground!I hate Bama but but I have seen this rule applied this way several times before and its crazy,if the ball doesn’t hit the ground you caught it…SMH.

The ball is moving…how stupid is that? The ball never stops moving.

That wasn’t a catch…the ball moved as the receiver left the stadium to get on the bus. How long do you have to keep the ball from moving?

When you run if you touch the ground you are down, but if you catch the ball you have to make a football move, run 30 yards, hit the turf and they are still watching to make sure the ball didn’t move. It is insane. The ball never stops moving. Try to make it stop…you can’t.

Rant over.

The key is actually control. The thought is if the ball is moving in the receivers hands he does not have control.

Frankly I would like to see reviews dropped. There would be plenty of missed calls but the game is hindered with all the stoppages for reviews. Let them play.

My point is if the ball doesn’t hit the ground you have enough control of it not to drop it!! absolutely insane to call it incomplete pass if it doesn’t hit the ground.

I agree with the contention of the orginal post. If the player has enough control to keep the ball from touching the ground, what more is needed? It’s easier to see that and is much less subjective.

Cannot beat that logic youdaman!!!

I would absolutely love to hear them tell me why they rule it this way! Most insane thing I’ve ever heard of!