These late game kicks are brutal getting out of stadium and home 1:30am is beyond crazy.... I get its TV dictated but...

Come on we’re playing games now into Sunday morning and it’s in central time zone with TV timeouts and we didn’t head into OT this year :evil:

Totally agree! It is beyond ridiculous and on top of that, you only have 2 weeks (sometimes one week) to plan after game time announcements. Especially now with college games pushing 4 hours, need to have some rules around max start times.

One of the reasons I don’t go to football anymore. There is nothing anybody at UA can do about it. It is beyond ridiculous it is absolutely absurd. I stick to going to baseball where I have season tickets and girls basketball . The times in those sports change very rarely after season starts. Football you don’t know until 2 weeks prior to game and some times only a week. I realize football is the money maker but you would think something could be done to accomadate the fans who support the program. My wife and I watch each and every game on our big screen TV and root them on. I guess it may have something to do with age since I will be turning 68 in a few days. Sorry for the rant. Go hogs!