These ladies can fix this....

I can’t believe they thought that the outrage and anger towards their actions would be this big. Hopefully they had no idea. What they have done is expose old wounds that (while not healed) have caused great change in my lifetime. The one unifying symbol for Americans is our Flag and National Anthem. It does not matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or independent the vast majority of Americans respect our Flag and view it proudly. I’ve been reminded of that since this thing began in the NFL. This has the potential to turn really, really ugly for all involved.

I’ve lived through so many things from Central High, to Nolan’s lawsuit and now this that stained our State. I have big sympathy for what they are trying to say. America is not where we would like it to be in race relations but the changes in my lifetime show huge progress.

To fix this all that these ladies have to do is stay on their feet with their hand over their heart during the National Anthem going forward. They can use their platform to tell the press what their greviances are and stir civil debate.

If they choose to move forward and kneel at away games, I can’t imagine how that ends. They made their point. Please move on and let this go. Please.

Are you comparing Central High to Nolan’s lawsuit?

You lived through that?..I would love to hear if you went to school at Central during that time.

Nothing those girls did compare to what those students went through just trying to go to school. Hopefully you didn’t mean it how its written.

If her tweets are an indication, looks like the fan reaction might have sealed the deal on Christy Williams not coming to the UA. She might not have come anyway but the fan reaction definitely didn’t help. Sometimes folks need to think before they speak or tweet.

No one other than those kids knows what it was like trying to just go to school. However I witnessed African Americans entering Dollarway HS and being insulted, threatened and intimidated by white students. I was sad and sickening. It impacted me and a few of my friends enough to befriend the African American kids. Those relationships were some of the most gratifying of my life. But no I didn’t have to face what they did and my post was not meant to imply that I had. What I was trying to say that old wounds when opened again does not help healing.

I love Nolan and Mike Anderson. They are great men and both respect the flag. But both stand up for racial injustice. There is a time and place for everything.

I hope they stand and end all of this.

Reply:You could have used fewer words than you needed to provided for readers to clearly understand where you are coming from, you don’t need a full page to say you are against change or progression as it relates to African Americans such as in your references to the Little Rock Central Nine, my friend CNR fighting for his job, and the young women protesting the repeated shootings/killings of innocent African American men by the police, you also dated yourself .

Interesting you mention the pain of living through Nolan’s lawsuit, but were okay with how Nolan was treated that led to the lawsuit.

If you are good enough to play for U-CONN, then why wouldn’t you? Jimmy’s a nice guy, but he’s no Geno. Even before this happened, the UA women were playing their games before an intimate gathering of friends and family. Now they will play before even fewer people. This probably sets the program back several years and ultimately dooms Jimmy to failure. Sometimes folks need to think before they kneel.

If the reaction turned Williams off then maybe if the girls wouldn’t have kneeled there would have never been a reaction. It all started there.

It seems like I remember a running back for the Hogs giving a hands up don’t shoot gesture after scoring in a game shortly after the Ferguson mess. Our coach acting like a leader quietly corrected the player where it wouldn’t be a distraction in the future. Now fast forward to the discussion our basketball coach had with the young women on the team before the game. Why wouldn’t he challenge the players to do some factual research on the topic before they made their stance? Once they put on uniforms they represent the university. This never should have happened. I think it was poor leadership from the coach more than the players. If we lost a recruit, that’s on the coach. This reminds me of something my football coach from decades ago use to say ever now and then to us. "You are going to need a ford tractor key to start the tractor to use to pull your head out of your behind ". Good leadership would have prevented this from happening. Color doesn’t determine anyone’s future. Your choices do. I will be happy to mail a key to Fayetteville.

Everyone should research this. If they did, they would probably come to the conclusion that we are all being played by a dishonest media and some very nefarious people. Are cops perfect? Absolutely not, but neither is any other profession. The oft stated lie that young black males are being hunted in the streets by racists cops is a blatant lie.

I hope it doesn’t affect the attendance a whole lot. Usually this type of stuff affects non-ticket buyers more and very little to ticket buyers. That is what has happened in NFL and women’s soccer

I don’t think it affects recruiting either. The recruits now realize that our coach supports the players. Recruits usually sign with the coach and not the fans.

I sent my comments to the Chancellor of the University of Arkansas. To me, right now there is no leadership by the current UA Chancellor or the Chancellor of the University system. A simple statement by either person on their expectations for student-athletes as it relates to issue should have been issued. So we keep debating this issue and the the AD and woman’s coach are left to address the issue. To me, their statements just caused more controversy and may have ended a coaching career. :cry:

When did I say I was okay with the way Nolan was treated? No one knows what it is like to be discriminated against unless you’ve been in their shoes. The things that happened to Nolan in his first year were dispicable. But it was certainly not the first time in his life he was treated poorly. And it didn’t end there. My point was that the lawsuit (right or wrong) opened up old wounds for our State.

And to the previous poster. I’m old and wordy. Sorry.

How’s it going to end a coaching career? Dykes has the support of his bosses. Long and Steinmetz have made their statements, and they supported the right to kneel. And let’s face it, the position they took will play better with African-American recruits than if he’d been a hard-liner on standing for the anthem.

How was Nolan treated that led to the lawsuit? He got fired because, among other things, he said the UA could take the job and shove it. If you remember the trial, Nolan had practically nothing. Matter of fact, I was quite surprised after 17 years that all Nolan really had was the same vague monsters in is head, other than Frank’s “what-if” response to Nolan calling Arkansas basketball fans “redneck SOBs”. No racist letters produced, no evidence of unfair treatment from UA, no racist vandalism, not even any corroborated stories of Nolan’s vague allegations of “racism”. Being a coach is tough. You get criticized publicly a bunch. You make a ton of money and get rich like Nolan did. He didn’t leave the state of Arkansas and his long-time assistant wanted to fill his shoes then and is filling them now. How bad was it really?

If you know something that wasn’t brought up in the lawsuit, please tell. I’m sure, however, that you’ll just fall back on innuendos and vague allegations of “racism” - that always works.

Maybe we all need to Think. In the end adults should be held to a higher standard than kids. Last I heard they are supposed to follow our lead. As an African-American adult who has given this stuff plenty of thought, I understand the frustration of our community. During this election season we have constantly heard the importance of protecting the Second Amendment. Well, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression and from my vantage point, the First Amendment, more than any other, defines what it is to be an American. Personally I would not kneel for the anthem, but another American’s right to do so must be protected.

These were just young girls acting like young girls. They needed an adult in the room to lead and guide. Unfortuntely, the adults were no-shows.

Shame on JD.

Those young girls(KNEELERS) will never have to wonder about me
being at any of their games. It will not happen. I will not forget.

Dykes probably made it worse (for some fans towards him) by being overly profuse in his praise of their actions. Should have made a simple statement of support if that is how he felt.

Said he was very proud of them. Was he equally proud of the girls that did stand?

Well said, Hoggie.