These guys

Not sure if the financial aid locks them into a school or not. I know the LOI, they can be released from. Don’t know about FA

As I understand the FAA, it locks the school to them.

Then it won’t be the twins leaving

Maybe we’re not the ones to be backing out?

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This is a sample FAA. If the twins were ineligible for some reason, the school can get out of it. Otherwise, no.

Ok, since Swine has put the FAA rules on here. There is a rumor that JWill is coming back. Also a rumor that Muss has reached into the portal and is speaking with someone else (I’ve heard five different names, all make sense when I look at what I believe we need help with). Obviously, if those two rumors are true, it means we need two more to leave. The rumor that started late Friday, is it was the twins because they’re being on the team is conditional to what happens with the two rumors I mentioned. Obviously, if our transfers have all signed FAA’s (and I believe they have), then it won’t be any of those four leaving.

Why I said “if” we were.

Trying to think through this. If the twins signed the FAA knowing that it was conditional, I think that would be OK under the guidelines in the sample I attached. That could constitute the “voluntarily withdraw” part.

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It should be noted that everybody on scholarship signs the FAA; they sign one along with the LOI when recruited out of high school or JC.

All I know for sure is:

as of now, there are only four players on the team - JWill (in the draft), Devo (who said he not leaving), Kamani (who has been with the other two on everything, and going and doing things in the community), and Robinson (who I’ve heard nothing about, only rumors)

We have four guys who signed a FAA with us - Brazile, Graham, and the Twins

We have five recruits who have signed a LOI - NSJ, Walsh, Ford, Dunning, and Pinion

We have 1 who hasn’t signed anything - Black

Everything else is rumors - are the rumors good or bad - don’t know, but I bet RD has an idea

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I have to believe, with the late signing of Graham, the twins had an uh oh moment. If Jaylin returns, the twins have to see there will be few minutes available. There might be some minutes for one of them, but probably not for both. I assume they are a pair only, so one will be at the very end of the bench.

I wonder if Graham’s late availability was a surprise to Muss and he’s trying to work out something with the twins (or one of the twins). Maybe he’s told them there will now probably be minutes for only one of them, but that he’ll release both from their NLI if they want. If they indeed want out, their FAA doesn’t bind them to the school.

And Black has announced he’s signing at a ceremony at his school Wednesday.


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