These guys

sure seem happy together…


Even Devo’s dance moves are high energy!

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Please come back, JWill!

The background looks like a hotel meeting room area, or something similar. Perhaps this was in Buffalo or San Francisco? Anyone know when/where this was filmed?

Agree that they seem happy together, and I hope they are making similar videos as teammates for the next several months.


Yep, Devo has the moves, love to see the joy in these young faces. Such special years.

RD….Is stuff getting interesting again?

Maybe. Read on another board that the Mitchell twins might not be coming to Arkansas.

You heard anything wrt to the twins?

Yes, but that’s not necessarily bad news, there are two other things that have to occur for that to occur. Either way, they leave or stay, we will have a great team.

I would gladly lose the Mitchell twins if it meant keeping JWill. We’ve got plenty of help for JWill with Brazile and Graham, and I really don’t wanna lose Jaxson either…love his stroke.


So can anybody talk about the Twins??

I thought they signed?? Maybe not…

I thought they did as well, just a lot of rumors flying around.

Remember, if we keep JWill and lose the twins we still have an open schollie :wink:

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I am very well aware, and I know Muss is too. We could still use another shooter.

What is the guy that is a knock down 3 shootar?? We Talked about some special kid. But the Bus is full, or was…

And maybe it still is. I’m secretely hoping that JWill is coming back and Muss has moved on from the twins. You can never have too much shooting, and I’m not sure that has been addressed.
It just seems to me that Muss brought in 4 bigs from the portal that were very similar, and maybe he’s having 2nd thoughts?
Honestly, I have no idea, but I trust that Muss knows what he needs.

Strange set events if the twins don’t come to AR now. After all the hoopla. (Means they didn’t actually sign yet) Of course we got plenty of other talent from the portal anyway.
But why would both sides confirm the deal if it wasn’t actually final? Not the best look if we back out last minute.

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Jim I understand that point of view. But before we throw our coach and kids under the bus is it just maybe the Twin Brother do not want to come here after all?

BTW the JWill comeback deal is in the works. IMO JWill will learn from this process and will have written information on how he needs to improve…

PS I know nothing that has any thing to do with the Kids Not coming!

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That’s what I’ve believed from the beginning

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I think JWill has always been a comeback player who wanted to check out where he stands. He will do the work and be ready for the draft next year with a ring on his finger💍

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We announced the twins and we can’t do that if they didn’t sign.