These guys play hard

But just do to much dumb stuff. They will be good one day, but not this year. Just don’t have it. Defense was effort filled. Offense had a million chances to get over the hump and extend momentum but usually something dumb happened or bricked a open look. The long long year will continue.

One of the few teams we have had that just don’t have that momentum ‘piranha’ mentality. Brick or turn it over instead.

I thot our team had a chance at the end of the game… it is one of those years where nothing is falling into place …let’s hope our luck changes soon !!

we just lack talent in the half court on the offensive end Daniel Gafford included he has no mid range game and a weak low post game and he and the rest of the team just suck in free throws and it has cost us all season long… After watching how well we played today with Daniel sitting most of the first and seeing how limited he is offensively we can actually improve next season with or without him if we find some juco bigs who can score in the low post and on the perimeter

Seems like the offense just shuts down at the end of the game…a lot of standing around then we have take a forced shot. :frowning:

They showed good movement in one possession tonight and got a wide open look. Most of the time they try to knock a hole in the floor. Pass the ball and move. They just don’t get it. Long season for sure. Maybe they land some freshmen that can play. Maybe Gabe and Adrio don’t continue matching Gafford’s shot attempts! The defense had some lapses for the wide open gummies down low in the second half, letting the guard loose for a open shot with 4 seconds on the shot clock when he split a double and got off a 2 point make. Leaving space on late 3’s and fouling on 3 point shots.
They need to practice free throws until they fall asleep. There’s never a reason to have the big man not touch the ball!

I must have seen different game— thought they played really well and a missed call on inbound play very pivotal in our defeat

I agree they played hard, but toward the end they didn’t play smart…to much standing…TT was playing over playing the man to man defense…to me the back door cuts were open. But I’m not the coach.

They try to get it to Gafford almost every play. You can’t force the ball to Gafford if teams are playing help side waiting to jump the pass and immediately double teaming him. Obviously guys like Harris and Jones know how to get him the ball, they have great assist numbers, but you can’t force it to him and get a turnover. If we want to get that lane unclogged and open it up for Gafford guys have got to make shots plain and simple. Jalen Harris can’t shoot 14% as a guard and have his man sag all the way off of him, and our best 3 point shooter can’t have a game not making a single 3 pointer.

Also, the biggest thing is, Gafford has got to work on his game to where he can be a threat other than than a dunk under the basket. We didn’t ever have problems getting Portis the ball, because he would come get it if he had to, and he had the skills and ability to get it anywhere in the half court and make a play. I watched that Tennessee vs Vanderbilt game, they were trying to double team and deny Grant Williams the ball every time… you know what Williams did? He brought the ball down court or came to the top of the circle to get it, if they would deny him in the paint. If all Gafford can do is post in the paint and do a move a few feet from the basket our guards are very limited on ways they can get him the ball. There’s a reason why sometimes we play better without him in the game, I think at times we worry and try to hard to get him the ball and end up burning clock and wasting a possession.

Yes we do force it inside to Gafford because all you hear is he doesn’t get enough touches, heard it tonight already. Only 6 touches. But if all the defenses are using basically the same concept with sagging dbl & trpl teams inside the paint. Do something different. Expand his game up high very high if needed. Let them dbl him there & someone else get the dunk.