These guys are going to kill me yet

I am not a ref, but it sure looked like Notae traveled when those two got around him. I looked at it several times this morning and he moved both feet after he stopped dribbling. That may not be reviewable, and think we got a break there. Maybe I am wrong on the travel.

Didn’t see that but near the end at a critical point the Vermont guy slid his pivot foot around (a lot) no call other than a foul on the Hogs. Even the TV guys called it out.


Yes, he definitely slid his pivot foot on the one where the foul was called. Could have made two traveling calls before they finally called the foul.

Same with Devo’s drive in the first half. He only took about 4 extra steps it seemed, but still drew the foul and the bucket.

They replayed Devo’s stroll and concluded it was 2 steps. I’ll go with that interpretation. :smirk:


Heading into my second year of retirement. Fish, hunt, church and no hurry on anything. :coffee::sunglasses:

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Our play the last couple games has not earned us any respect, everyone knows we are capable of being tough out. We need to our MOJO back and soon. WPS

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