These guys are going to kill me yet

When we lost that ball out of bounds with 9 seconds left, there was no doubt in my mind Vt. was going to hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer.

Thank goodness for review (for a change).


I know the feeling. Don’t know if I will ever get to sleep now and I have an early flight. Maybe I should just go to MSP now

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I’ve got an important meeting tomorrow at 9:00. I am not sure I will have any sleep at that point!

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Love retirement and sleeping late… :rofl:


I am somewhere between 2 and 5 years of that!

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Maybe this board will give NM State more respect than it did Vermont and whine a little less about the respect we supposedly aren’t getting. The competition is not as bad as is being said and right now we are not playing as well as we can.

I was at game. That was a tough team we beat. No wonder they beat everyone in their league by 40.


They can shoot the 3!

Yes, I’m totally happy with any win, against any team, in a game when Notae played the worst 1st half he’s played all season. Devo and Umude really picked up the slack for him.

Thank goodness Notae found his game in the 2nd half (except for his 1-7) on 3s for the game.

The refs got that one right but missed on the out of bounds play that the announcers also believed was out on Vermont, but the refs didn’t ‘see’ it that way. I am thankful they got the last one correctly.


A W is a W and that’s all that matters.

And you try to get better on Friday.


Survive and advance.


Well, made it to MSP ok. Now on to Sat

If there ever cylinder call should have been on that play— called against us earlier with less restriction than was on JD

The cylinder call is the worst call in basketball. Your essentially telling a player that smothering defense is not allowed. Couldn’t you call the cylinder foul every time a player gets trapped? Whoever came up with that rule should be ashamed.

“Hey John go out there and play hard nose defense but don’t get closer than 2 feet when you do”???


Retire and you never again will experience a sleep-filled night. :wink:

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Our guy literally grabbed the ball from his hands. Should have been a junk ball. This is the most ridiculous and inconsistently called rule ever. According to how this every steal should be a cylinder violation


It’s amazing we are winning 4 of our last 6 games which include TN, LSU (2), KY, a hot TA&M, and a very good VT team, with J.D. is only averaging 17 points a game. And his three point shooting has taken a vacation as he’s shooing 20% over this six game stretch. His season avg. is 30%, but he has had a way of hitting threes at critical times. if J.D. could shoot his season avg. over the next five games, (how’s that for optimism) he’d raise his tournament avg. to 19 pts a game, or a two point per game increase. Obviously, we’d like to see him get on a hot streak shooting the three’s but the defenses are really focusing on him. What is great is that his downturn with three’s has not deterred him from shooting the three’s, nor negatively affected his overall game. Really would like to see him have some big scoring games going forward as that could make the difference in winning and losing, especially if we should get by N.M. st. and face Gonazga.

Yes Vermont is as good as any 5 seed in this tournament.that’s a veteran team who despite our hounding on defense turned the ball over 6 times. They have a great PG who can drive and shoot the three, big Paul Bunyan in the middle can burn you from the three or inside. They are lethal driving to the basket and drawing fouls. We just beat a very very good basketball team.


Absolutely agree with that!!