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When I gut flustered at all the walks, hit batters, errors, bad plays, etc. I remind myself of something Chuck said a few years ago. He said this is not MLB… It is college. Sometimes we try to measure against the Cardinals. It is not. The beauty is that it is not uncommon to see and SEC game that looks a lot like MLB, and then you see the mess we saw this weekend to let you know it is younger than MLB. Sure, you should win with 10 runs, but remember what this is.


Or 12 for the pokes.

Also the college game is missing Latino players. They comprise a large portion of the elite MLB rosters

Amateur baseball is different. Inconsistent. Hit or miss. When the wind blows out, you nibble more. A gut pitch means you get a new baseball.

Check out the North Carolina roster. They have a number of Latino players, as does Vandy.

But you have a point. College baseball at the highest level has become a country club sport. Travel ball has replaced high school/Legion as the training ground and that costs a lot of money. Not a lot of minority families have that kind of scratch (obviously a few do, like Kumar Rocker, son of an assistant football coach).

That is the hardest part about watching college baseball, especially on TV. College/Pro football and basketball have been on TV for a long time. Since those games have a clock, the skill level is much more relative and doesn’t have as much bearing on the length of the game like baseball does.

Couple amateur umps and inconsistent strike zones with young pitchers still establishing their command and you get some long games. It shows you how skilled professional pitchers really are, and even the umpires. Although that hasn’t stopped me from complaining about them.

Speaking of amateur/incompetent umps, our old nemesis Perry Costello reared his ugly head last week in the Greenville regional.

Perry loves attention. And he gets it.

Why am I not surprised?

Hopefully this gives him an early vacation for the rest of the year, for everyone’s sake, but I doubt it.

Though, it does make me kind of wish Perry would have been on 3rd for the HR when Twinkle Toes came tiptoeing by :rofl:

That would have been an epic clash of egos!

That lack of perfection is exactly why I much prefer college ball over the pro’s…

I would love for us to get some Latino ball players! Those kids are very dedicated and they can flat out play

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Jalen Battles might be Latino. You can see it in his face. He is from San Antonio. Latino is an ethnic identifier and can be of any race.

Woulda been something if the kid would have wheeled around and decked hi…I know, I know, it’s just I got this mental pic. :sunglasses:

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Yeah now that you mentioned it that is crossed my mind too.He is exactly the kind of player those kind of kids are and why I would like to see us get more of them.

Jalen’s dad Fred is definitely African-American (and a very large man), but dunno about his mom’s side.

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For some strange reason, Ole Perry gets asked to ump the CWS nearly every year. I still want to know what he has on the NCAA committee.


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