These Flu Patients Better Get Here Before 4pm…

I’m shutting it down early today to watch hoops! Flu A is here in West Monroe, so hopefully our team stays healthy in Hawaii! My wife woke up with it this am—ugh!

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we have a rash of 3 for 1… covid, flu and RSV. They be showing up very sick.

Yep, but mostly Flu A here and RSV bronchitis in adults. Very few COVID’s. Sick as dog crap though,(my Ashley county jargon there!). I’m probably miss most of the 1st half today based on way my schedule is going…

Hey Docs, is this years flu shot effective on this variety?

I’m about to find out Jim! Bet I’ve seen 10-12 already today with it. Took my flu shot about 6 weeks ago. Preliminary info I read 2 weeks ago was favorable for covering this strain of Type A.

Hope so. Got mine 3 weeks ago.

as long as you got the quadravalent and not the bivalent…

That’s a funny idiom. When I lived in Germany, I went to one of my weekly brass ensemble rehearsals while fairly sick with upper respiratory sxs and proclaimed myself “krank wie ein hund”. My German friends were all like, “wass ist?”, so I had to explain the sick as a dog idiom. It fell under the lost in translation category.