These announcers

Are pitiful. And the production is worse. Cameras freezing. We should be thankful the Arkansas tv announcers and production is very professional and well done. This is pathetic

This is the LSU radio broadcast. They are not announcing for TV.

Whoever is doing the tv is what I’m talking about. Watching game on internet

they really are! and they must can’t pull up replay very quickly took them forever to show replay

They are simulcasting their radio broadcast on the SEC Network digital feed. That is what you are hearing.


They’re still awful.

Yes they are

I’m guessing their usual SEC Network announcers were calling the softball game.

They keep calling saying Van Horn coming to the mound when Johnson come out

During visit by our pitching coach Wes Johnson they called him coach Van Horn.
I’m the 9 inning one of them finally made reference to Van Horn as the the pitching coach and then the other one realized he was wrong and corrected him! They are simply uniformed and don’t know people as well as hogs fans know opposing coaches and pitching coaches. My son was listening to the audio of the stream and I was listening to radio and watching the stream on the big screen.

I’m pretty sure it was a Cox broadcast. Announcers identified it as such a couple of times.

Cox was a sponsor, but this was SEC+

Online only