these annoucers are pathetic

never seen such BC.they are so Tamu biased!!

Their definitely bolstering A&M and treating our boys like the little sisters of the poor.

I agree…two of the worst I’ve ever heard.

Didn’t think the play-by-play guy was much but the analyst was good and certainly not biased.

Brock Huard (the analyst) was good, as he generally is. The other guy was just another one of those communication majors who never learned the rules or to actually what goes on in front of him. Probably never played the game.

What in the world do you expect when you get your a** beat by North Texas? Good grief. We deserve everything we get. Including non-existent bias. Sounds like our fans need a little thicker skin.

Teams record has nothing to do with it,they were horrible kept going on and on about how lucky we were to be in the game and they were killing us in Stats… game should be over etc Heck Stevie wonder could see that! should have been beating their chest on hard we were playing and what an incredible effort by our defense…it was ridiculous

Did not care for PBP guy but Huard was very good. One of the best in the business actually.

I agree…Brock Huard is outstanding. The play by play guy was dogging us constantly.

Agreed…Brock Huard is consistently objective and knows the game. I didn’t think the other guy (can’t even remember his name) was biased, just ignorant of the rules, as he showed several times in the course of the game

I think Brock Huard is really good and was very fair to us today. Didn’t really see it to be as one-sided as some always think when it comes to announcers. Saw a very interesting article once about how all teams fans think the TV commentators are always biased toward the other team. Guess that’s why we are called fans.

Brock is a pro and always does an excellent job of calling things the way it is.
He understands the task this coaching staff is undertaking with the roster it inherited and that improvement is the key to building any program when you don’t come into a job with talent across the board.
He also explains that for us to have success this season in games we have to clean up the penalties such as when we get a 3rd down stop and give the other team new life with personal fouls.
The play by play guy is a total joke and has a lot to learn about how to call a game.
Unfortunately, when you’re team is not a marquee team playing well you don’t get the A-Listers calling your games.
Perhaps, a few seasons from now the Hogs will be winning more games and get better time slots and TV crews.

Go Hogs!