There's now a Vegas line on the Rice game

Line opened at Hogs -21.5. Line is now -20

I’m mildly surprised by that spread. I read somewhere recently (sorry I can’t remember where) that Rice was not a team to be overlooked and had a lot of starters back. Anyone know more about them?

Picked 5th out of 6 teams in their division. We should cover, assuming no major injuries during fall camp.

Sounds good. Thanks…

Keep in mind the vegas betting lines entire intention is to get an even book. If one side sees to much action they adjust to get action the other way. If they can make even book, then its a win win for them. So always keep that in mind when looking at lines. Vegas would love to get 50% on one side and 50% on the other when taking bets. They can’t lose that way.

Very true Votan. I don’t look at betting lines until a day or 2 before games.

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