There's an

under the radar TE that Arkansas might make a move on. He’s on their radar. Not too many know about the kid. Very intriguing prospect.

Is that code word for ‘development project’?

If they move on the kid you’ll be very excited. I promise.


I’m excited :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too!


I’ll bet it’s that 6’9", 270 lb basketball player for Oak Hill that I watched play on TV yesterday. :grinning:

Looooonnnnniiiieeee!!! I knew he would make an appearance before this recruiting season was over.

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The dreaded Lonnie Davis sighting??

Henderson. I understand that his moving to TE has been discussed by at least of his suitors.

Lonnie Davis was never an UTR guy. This guy truly is because he’s only played one year of football.

But ole Lonnie is a legend around here…

LDhog, that was my point - we have some legends in the recruiting wars. Just having fun with a name from the past.

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Next thing. There will be a receiver with initials DGB.

I think that kid is committed to LSU. There were 2 kids on KK’s team committed to lsu. One was 280 lb kid and the other was the leading scorer in that game. But he was a ball hog and took a bunch more shots than KK. KK let the game come to him. I was really impressed.

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