There's a report out today

That Adidas was trying to steer Zion Williamson, who some people have as the number one hoops recruit in the country, to Kansas. No evidence yet that Bill Self or his staff knew about this but no one would be really surprised either, would they?

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I’m just guessing, but they might cut a deal with the Adidas marketing guy and let him sing. Depending if there’s a paper trail or not they may not have to though. I think this will shake the college world for years to come.

For all the flack the FBI catches they are extremely good at one thing. That’s taking down organized crime. There should be a lot of scared people. They only go live when they have a TON of proof. Rico is gonna get worked harder than it has since the 80s on this.

It will be a beautiful thing to watch as long as it doesn’t sneak into our back yard.

When this is over there may be a bunch of the blue bloods out of the dance for several years.
Basically it appears the 5 stars recruits have all been getting paid to go to a certain school.
It would be nice to see Kleenex man Bill Self crying leaving Kansas in disgrace. I have never liked his attitude.
You may right about the Adidas rep if offered a deal could blow the top off of this and totally dismantle top programs and the coaches. Sounds like an even playing field for a few years until the next Greaseball is created!
I hope Cal get caught !

I’m with you, Army. The way Self left his jobs, (ORU, Tulsa, Illinois) before he got to KU, stunk. I’ve never liked him.

There were two coaches that would have made me reconsider my Arkansas “fanship”, Calamari (sic) and Self-ish.

Didn’t the Adidas marketing guy also work for Nike? Isn’t that why the requested Nike Grassroots documentation?

Merl Code used to run EYBL, yes.

Wasn’t there a kid from AR that played for KY whose brother ran an EYBL league with a certain AR Radio personality? You know the kid who made throats slashing gestures. :mrgreen:

I figure when the feds showed up at EYBL with the subpoenas, some people in Fayette County, Kentucky, started getting really nervous. The old throat-slasher is out of the reach of the NCAA now. Big brother, however, might be getting a little sweaty himself though. Andy Staples had a word the other day for what big brother was doing: “PIMP”.

Hard to believe that Self did not know about it. Of course he did.

If we’ve been cheating we’ve been very bad at it.

Bill Self was fully aware just like sleaze ball Petino.
Once the first few go to the pen it might slow down. There’s one thing for sure if AD would stop hiring coaches after they have had NCAA issues. That would be the only thing that would stop this.
On Alabama’s site it shows that an agent met with Sexton’s parents about signing once he went pro. No money changed hands. So the kid can play. Yeah. No money changed hands.
It’s all about money. For these coaches agents shoe companies and schools!

As the ole saying goes, ya reap what ya sow.
Oh, and the Real “Big Brother” is always watching everything.
Gotta know this investigation wasn’t just in the last few months, but surely the last few years or more.