There's a power shift in college football

It’s moving somewhat from the P5 to the G5. Not only have we had upsets of Miss St by So Alabama & near upsets in the first week of the season, but today, Wisconsin is barely ahead of GA St late in the game (& could still lose), Iowa just stopped a 2-pt conversion by ND St to maintain a 1-point lead with just over 3 minutes left in the game. TN is barely beating Ohio. That game isn’t over, either.

Those are just some of the games where top 25 teams are either losing to or barely holding off what we used to call “rent-a-wins.”.

Not sure I would call it a power shift. Georgia State lost big to Air Force last week. Air Force had more trouble against Abilene Christian.

Mid-major coaches have found they can scheme their way to stay close in money games. If an opponent does not specifically prepare for a game, they are in trouble.

Big-school coaches schedule these games intending to be able to win playing base offense and defense. In the day of the spread option, it does not work anymore.

North Dakota State, at home, went to overtime against Charleston Southern and Eastern Washington. Those are two good teams for FCS, but are they better than Iowa?

South Alabama lost 24-9 to Georgia Southern after beating Mississippi State. You don’t think Georgia Southern belongs on the field with Mississippi State, do you?

It’s foolish anymore for any team to look ahead and not prepare specifically for each opponent.

NDSU are the defending 5X FCS NC’s. Don’t care what DI team they’re playing. They always have a chance to win.

North Dakota State has been impressive for a number of years. I would never want to see them on our schedule.

I hate to say it, but they maybe a good replacement for Meechigan. Heck, I might even get to Fargo to watch. Never been there.

This is why I don’t expect a blow out today. Didn’t Texas St beat Ohio ?

The power shift isn’t huge, but it allows lesser teams to do what these underdogs do. No, I don’t think Ga Southern belongs on the field with Miss St. Neither did I think So Alabama did. So, yeah, I know some of those poor teams got beat after performing so well a week earlier, but I don’t consider that evidence against my hypothesis. It probably supports it. Now, whether that’s due to the spread or coaches taking these teams for granted, I don’t know, but it hasn’t been long ago that these things never happened. We can all name several games already this year where teams like Ok St, Wisc, Iowa, & Miss St lose & others almost do.

Perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon. Might even be a one year aberration. But right now it looks like a whole lot like parity.

The spread offense is doing more to bring parity to college football than anything else in my lifetime. It allows schools to recruit smaller but talented players and compete with the majority of the country.

It will be interesting to see how far it goes

These smaller schools take the games for the big pay checks. We are paying Texas State about one million dollars for this game. Do they belong on the same field as a power conference team? I think they do, they have just as much right to play big schools as smaller schools. When they win the game, it makes their season.

Funny, but Nicholls plays South Alabama tonight.

This is the first time I can recall seeing mediocre mid-majors and FCS teams competing well against high-majors. A lot of these teams are not very good. It’s not like getting beaten by The Citadel and watching them go on and win 11 games and be ranked No. 1 on their level.

I don’t think Randy nor I meant they had no right to play big schools. “Don’t belong on the same field” is an expression to denote significant difference in how good the two are. It’s not an opinion about whether they should ever play each other.