There won't be a word about the refs

in the AP article this time. I have no doubt of it. And you can all jump on and say we didn’t get jobbed but we did.

Total screw job…25 to 8 ft

Notice Webber twice hinted at it, and then changed his tone. Unlike, Friday when he made sure he harped on what he considered a bad call. Wonder why?

Oh I noticed. I also noticed the AP story after SH game was all about the refs.

What is “25 to 8 ft” about? You used it on other points with no explanation there either! What are you trying to say?

free throw

No reason to cry about officiating…it was pretty bad both ways. They let them play, which is an advantage to Arkansas.

Hello, they shot 25 free throws to our 8 free throws

UNC is the bigger physical team so it actually helped them…not us.

Right. It’s just me. No reason for it. Meanwhile, the national media is going off about it.

What is “25 to 8 ft” about? You used it on other points with no explanation there either! What are you trying to

They shot 25 FTs to out 8. More than 3:1. And we were aggressive. It was obvious. The national media is even saying it.

Arkansas has never got the calls why should you expect that to happen now!
Bottom line we had a 5 point lead with 4 minutes and did not score again. Did not execute on offense. We will get the same treatment from refs next year as well.
The AP will not say a word because we were sent there to get beat by North Carolina. And it happened. Just like South Carolina is going to get treated.

I get that we aren’t gonna get calls vs UNC in front of their crowd. But, this was beyond the pale and inexcusable.

Just f… the bracketologists, Dicky V, the ACC, the NCAA, CBS and everyone who wants to perpetuate the idea that the rich must continue to get richer…
Its a massive joke on us… :lol:

All of this.

NP, I’m not questioning you, I just want to know so I can see and hear for myself. What national media is saying it? It will be refreshing to see and hear. … nsas-video … 7020705792 … 0576045057 … 1819876352 … 8662853632 … 9243320320 … 4277369856 … 2362891264 … 6482765824 … 9146703873

Thanks, NP. I’ve got plenty to look at!

Hahahaha nice research Pig Love it

Our previous season low was 11 FTAs.