"There won't be a more improved team.."

In the entire country… per CBB.

I got a chuckle out of this.

Who honestly believes this?

If it didn’t happen today, why would it in 2 weeks. What game would you need more motivation for than a opener at home for the season, against a team that publicly announced circling this game on their calendar. Then comes in and bends us over their knee.

Talk is cheap, we’ve heard ample amounts of coach talk this summer. This was a bold statement, it will be interesting to see if it happens.

My money is on that we come out the same team.

Well if we score in the second half, that would be a considerable improvement over our previous three games. He could make the case.

Bret talks a lot…excuse me if I decide to wait and see rather than buying in to any more of his big talk

Whoa don’t get carried away… maybe we will convert on a third down tho. He was talking about improvements. Not miracles.

Big talk since day 1 of his hire. Not Happening on the field once again. Out coached, and talent nowhere near what we have had, and need. I have seen all the best in coaching and talent, since Mid 60’s. This is not even close.

I hate to be negative after only one very lackluster loss, but I don’t see many games on the schedule I feel good about winning - with the obvious deficiencies and the equally obvious lack of answers to fixing them.

I agree with you. Talk is cheap. I don’t believe everything he says but as for being motivated, I could see this team being more motivated to beat an SEC team it hasn’t beaten in five years. I’m certainly not saying they will, but I do think that serves as motivation. FWIW.