There will be something not to like about any coach who will come to Arkansas -----------

---------------- so you people demanding a KYSO homerun hire need to cool your jets and accept the fact he will not be the perfect hire. It will not all be fixed overnight and any coach who would fit the KYSO category has lots more better options out there than coming to Arkansas, the SECWest, etc. to start a hard rebuilding process.

So, it might be Sarkasian who has great success in his past and appears to have dealt with his alcoholism. It might be Kiffin who appears to have finally grown up and may be ready for a tough challenge.

It might be Malzahn, who has angered many of our fans in the past but has national and SEC success far greater than any other potential candidate. He may like taking Auburn’s money and then taking on a real challenge back home with his proven record to recruit with.

It might be Norvell who has been passed over by numerous programs but maybe that is old news that does not apply anymore.

It might be an older coach with health problems (Richt) or may be on the downhill side of his career (Davis) but could be a stabilizing captain of the ship for a while.

It may be an up and coming coach (Drinkwitz or Campbell) who we take a chance on stepping up to a new level hoping he will continue to succeed.

It may be a hot and upcoming coordinator that we take a chance on like Arand at LSU or Venables at Clemson or Brady at LSU.

None of these are going to make all factions of our fan base happy, but we need to come together, support whoever choses to take on this task and our AD thinks is our best choice and quit fighting like mad dogs with each other.



Agreed. Some might think the new coach will be a disaster. They might be correct. However, there’s nothing like bitching about his hire right off the bat to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fans need to support him for as long as possible–even beyond whatever timetable most of us give him to right the ship. Whatever “righting” there is will take quite a while. It won’t be next year.

The good news is that while we’re replacing SJS with Notre Dame on next year’s schedule, we’re not replacing a win with a loss.:neutral_face:

If HY hires as good of football coach as it looks like he has in b-ball we will be ok .

I know it’s hardly a major sport, but he also hired the women’s gymnastics coach. She was a HR hire.

The fact that HY has chosen him is a very good reason to give him time to succeed before we trash him.