There will be good news

come out of this weekend list of visitors today. There will also be more good news later.


Any hints?

Should be soon, Very soon.


We done for the day or you think we will get someone else today ?

2 commits in last hour….whoa!!! Any others RD? Not being greedy by any means but man what a day!!!

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More coming. The class will be close to being wrapped up by the start of the season.


Love it!!!

Always like to hear good news. It makes me happy and hopeful for the future. So, i will throw out a list of recruits that we are involved with that would really make me happy. In no particular order and i might not get all of their names exactly right but here are my hopefuls:

Markis Deal
Paris Patterson
Robert Stafford
Micha Tease
Brad Spence
Charles Jagusah (doubtful but dream on)
Madden Sanker (dreaming still)
Jaylon Braxton
Cole Adams
Joshua Manning
Jeremiah Hughes

That’s 11 and more than we will probably take but if we could get 5 of these, hopefully 6 then this would be a really good class and i would be in Hog heaven.
Add Dylan Haas as a PWO…

FWIW, I suspect Hughes will be LSU bound.

Okay but are you telling me “I still have a chance” for 5 or 6. Better than 1 in a million??? !!!

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