There will be good fits available

Norvell and Anderson good fits.

Frank Wilson, Brohm, Frost great minds.

Les Miles…not sure where he wants to be, but we would not be on this path

This is back on the last year of Danny Ford level

Chad Morris
Jeff Brohm
Frank Wilson

Matt Campbell
Chad Morris
Neal Brown

All are gettable and would be upgrades.


HOW do you know we’d be able to get them?? Ridiculous statement.

You’re right Arkansas can’t hire away guys making $1.7mm a year. Brohm is only one questionable due to his buyout

There is plenty of options out there.

I just hope JL won’t screw this one up, or even be given a chance to. His coach hiring input needs to be nonexistent. We need a great recruiter, who can hire great coordinators.

Just because we can pay more than their current salary doesn’t mean they are gettable as you say. There is much more to it than just $$.

And for you to call them all upgrades, I’d guess you’d have to wait to know that. Because they are successful where they are now doesn’t mean they will be successful in the SEC West. Remember why we are having this conversation??