There were no Elways today

On either side. Ben Country Hicks did play well, as did Starkel between the 20’s. I guess making Kellen Mond look like Kellen Mond was a step in the right direction for our D.

Arkansas has held Mond relatively in check the past two years. He did not play well against Arkansas last year.

It has been two years in a row that TAM could not run the ball on this defense other than the Qb scrambles. Given their backs and online , I do not understand the game planning on their part. I thought they would run more sweeps and reverses against our defense with some trick pass plays but they did not. Proud of the Hawgs efforts but the Aggies are still the Aggies.

Texas A&M’s running situation is pretty shaky right now. The Aggies ran the ball well in their cupcake games, but haven’t ran well otherwise this season. With Jashaun Corbin out, all of the A&M running backs are either first- or second-year players.