There were a couple of high school preseason

type games on TV here in Georgia last night. Very few fans allowed and to me the players seemed motivated. But a lot of schools have deferred or cancelled games so it is still doubtful if there will be anywhere near a regular season here.

I went to a small school game in Missouri Friday night. The biggest Wuhan/Covid threat I saw, were the cheerleaders. There was no track around this field, so the peppy, bellowing, unmasked , cheerful ones, were potentially launching toxic droplets into the close in stands.

Been to several high school and junior high games so far…nobody is worried about the virus and everyone is happy that things are getting back to normal. This kids are all in and focused on football.

We’re coming up on the 3rd weekend of HS football here in east TN. Schools are limiting how many attend the games, but the interest appears to be high with not much fretting about the virus.

If fans get to watch, that’s great.

If not, it’s about the kids anyway.

I’ve been to some. People are doing what they are asked to do and happy to be there.

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