There we go again

Or there they go again or you go again, etc. Go back to last year’s A&M game, read the post-game posts, will sound exactly like what you are reading now, “proud of the team”, “signs of hope”, etc.

I said earlier this week, and I quote –
The Hogs will play impassioned football and over and above their abilities, A&M will be flat after a loss to Auburn and uninspired to play a team that loses to San Jose State. And it will be a close game – like all these A&M games. I expect A&M to win by 2 to 7 points.

Just like last year. And same old story for most of the last 8 seasons.

We can all be proud for two weeks until the next game when the season resumes – and then what.

Morris needs to 1) beat Western Kentucky; AND either 2). win one from Auburn, Alabama or LSU; OR 3). win two from these teams Kentucky, Miss State or Missouri.

As I watched the game, I thought he was going to win the one game he needed versus a ranked team today and get himself one more season assuming he beat WKU. Did not happen.

Yes, we played A&M well last year, too, but that doesn’t mean we should not be encouraged by this game. Last year isn’t this year despite the SJS game. Now if we lose out or just win the WKU game, maybe the two seasons are alike, but this team can play with mid-level SEC teams. Aub, Bama, & LSU are way above us, but we can beat MU, UK, & MSU. Might not do it, but I think we’ll win at least one unless injuries pile up.

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Don’t hurt your shoulder patting yourself on the back. I really, really wanted a win today, just so I didn’t have to continue wading thru all the hypothetical outcomes that will or won’t get the coach fired.

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This team had a chance to win the game - only lost by seven to A&M last year, but never felt like we had a legit chance.

This Hog team is a little better than last year and A&M’s not a good.

Yep, a win today would have been outstanding.