There was

Never a doubt! WPS!


Wow :star_struck: there you are!

That was a historic win. One of the biggest wins for the program. Breaking a streak like we just did is a big deal. Happy for the team and staff. I mean that. Really happy for them. Many have come and gone that couldn’t accomplish what these guys did in a long time.

Really happy for these players. They needed this more than anyone, especially the juniors and seniors.

The difference between a football coach and a mathematician is a Sec win. Hats off to CSP and his wonderful staff and the sold out young men who showed grit and fight tonight. They went in to Starkville and turned the “Air RAID” into a mediocre backyard Crop Dusting Service !! WPS

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This one belongs to Odom…Game Ball


That is for sure and Bumper. What a game he played. that is the way I expect Razorbacks to play!

Yes, but someone needs to coach the fear out of our Offense!

Yeah, it was real and actual defense, not clock running offense being called defense. Our offense needs work, but we do have some weapons to work with, we really have big play playmakers, but just haven’t clicked yet. They have ability to put points up, and will need to.

We played real actual defense. Nothing camouflage.

Slobberknocker. No smoke and mirrors needed.

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Sometimes it’s all about how you use them, what you allow them to execute.

Changing what you allow to be executed always reveals talent once unknown or thought absent.

Congratulations to the whole team well done

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