There was no quit.

I have got to say that I am proud of our team. It would have been easy to give up and just wait for next year. However these guys have not quit and fought extremely hard today to the last minute. They might not have the size and talent as some of our opponents, but they do have heart. The just need to learn what it takes win!

I know this isn’t popular, but this staff kept the players from giving up. This speaks highly of the staff. Look at what has happened at Florida and Tennessee. These schools have superior talent, an easier division but lost to lesser opponents. It’s not the coaches fault if a receiver falls down, quits on pattern, misses a throw, a block, a tackle or covering a wide receiver. They put the best players out on the field. Also after going to the game and re-watching it I would be screaming about the officials (they were blind to holding calls on MSU. But instead they encouraged and, like the players, fought to the end.

Finally to the fans that showed up. It wasn’t pleasant cold, windy and wet- great for duck hunting terrible if your a fan. There is much negativity floating around … The fans at the game saw a team and coaching staff that tried its best, but came up short. I for one, am glad I was there!!