There was an article on the U of A website touting Baseball having a #4 recruiting class

…for the 2022 season.

It’s early yet, but 2023 is looking VERY good as well! And that’s with “most of the hay” in the barn (20 commitments).

Perfect Game has us ranked #4 nationally too…and we are 3rd in the SEC behind Vandy and LSU. Still a gratifying recognition of the program, Coach DVH and staff.

Understand the excitement. Unfortunately, the Baseball Draft always plays havoc on the final results. Ugh.
UA…Campus of Champions

Stinking LSU

The article about the #4 recruiting class referred to the group on campus now.

Baseball classes are reranked after the draft. Baseball America has Arkansas’ freshman class ranked fourth.

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And I get that…but it never hurts to go into that process with as many studs as you can…even if you lose a few to MLB, you will probably get some to campus. And we’ve been more and more successful in doing that in recent classes.

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