There was a bad outbreak of the virus B IO3 last night

That’s 3 incompetent basketball officials for those of you not up to date on your hoops med terminoligy. The Hogs seemed to be hit harder by this irritating virus than the Modores were. Victims experienced rising blood pressure, flailing of arms, a look of disbelief, and in some cases disqualification from the game.

With a nod to the pc crowd, well done Eagle! Creative and funny. Officials were very poor indeed.

I am glad that Eric Musselman didn’t just explode. He came close. Especailly bad was the jump ball when the Vandy player touched the basketball with his finger tip like ET did in the movie.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think at least one of those guys worked the Valpo game in North Little Rock, where the officiating was atrocious and Muss got a technical.

Yes, I believe his first name is Steven, but his last name is Anderson and he officiated both games.

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