There should be some interesting

information coming out football recruiting wise in the near future. I would say it might be favorable for Arkansas, but will see how it plays out.

You should know what’s up once it comes out.

Hate to be so vague but that’s all I can say at this time.

I’m glad you could clear this up for us, keep up the good work! :lol:

Hmm, I hope you’re talking about what I hope you’re talking about

How can something “might be favorable “. Seems it would be favorable or not favorable. Puzzling. What is time frame on this news?

Might be soon, might not, haha…

SJ Tuohy just posted a tweet that seems to indicate there might be some commitments from Memphis.

would this interesting news mean very good recruits??

Yes. A key 2020 kid and a very highly regarded 2022.

Maybe our 1st ever multiple 5* commitments?

Lost me…
Time to do some digging I guess and figure this out

Sent you a pm.

RD…your killin’ us smalls!!! Obviously we understand why and we respect it sir!

WorldSeriesofPorker with the poker face… :lol:

hope it comes true! we need to get some energy in recruiting.

I’m thinking maybe Dallan Hayden…Chase’s little brother.

Replied, I think. Had trouble getting it to send.

Any news ever surface yesterday?

No. I’ll mention when it does.

Did this fizzle out?

No. Just waiting for the proper time. I suspect it will be made public at some point.