There’s some

good things happening in football recruiting. Don’t think there isn’t because of the 5-5 record.


That’s what we like to hear Richard!


That’s great news especially in recruiting! Thank you. WPS

Thank goodness!

Good to hear coming from you RD. So many rumors & bs flying around after the season there will be a max exodos to the portal by key players. Coaches leaving taking recruits with them.
Blah blah on & on.

RD, should be some even better things happening now that we are 6-5 right ??? Lol

No serious would you say these good things are happening for the 23 class, transfers for the 23 class , the 24 class , or all the above ?

I’m not RD but in my opinion it’s all of the above.
Outside of Thompson leaving the team there’s been very little happen in a negative way.
Recruits are visiting and the current team has stuck together! Player that host recruits are positive and the young men have a good time and enjoy themselves. Parents feel comfortable with the coaches. I’d say our hogs are climbing upward and getting better. Progress is what we all wanted when Coach Pittman took the HC job and it’s happening.

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Couple of A&M recruits at OU game yesterday. Any chance we can get a couple of those previous DL commits to visit? Need some difference makers there

It is hard to welcome Portal Transfers and turn around and condemn your players who do the same. Sam takes the high road on this like he usually does. Thompson is not going to stay where he has been pushed down to the 3rd tier at his position. He can see the talent coming up in Sategna and his classmates, plus the anticipated recruits, and he has moved on, again. He won’t be the last. We just have to achieve a net plus after the portal finishes for the year.

They need to record the announcer who went on and on about how “coming to Arkansas” was such a huge benefit to Sanders and how he would never have been allowed to play his best position and to showcase his skills for the next level if he had not gone through the portal from Bama to Arkansas. That is huge recruiting ammunition for any great player considering the portal. Go Hogs!

RD, care to elaborate or is it to soon?

Hoping it will be self explanatory. We’ll see.


So trying to decipher , we are doing well in football recruiting… for all the above

I certainly do not plan to condemn any players whose opportunities look better elsewhere. I feel better about those leaving to better showcase their skills rather than chase the NIL, but even then I don’t see it my place to second guess their choices or needs.

I suspect we will lose some, hopefully that leave with respect for Pittman and the program rather than just the disappointment of their playing time or whatever drove their decision.

Where in the world did that come from! Fact Thompson isn’t playing he left the team! Who cares if he arrived in the hill by way of the transfer portal. I sure don’t.

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DD and OK both used to (pro)claim that recruiting success was from a year prior and not the current year. I assume that has shifted with all the media availability and awareness by the kids plus portal portendings and NIL to top it all.

That never proved true to me….

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Thompson had potential, but to me made too many costly mistakes. His error timing was pretty bad.
I wish him the best.

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In a short time we are living in a new world.
My whole recruiting view has changed in the last few years. Watching the recruiting in Baseball and Softball, which only offer partial scholarships, I have turned from a skeptic to a “we are going to get them until we don’t”. Muss is also showing Fayetteville, which I love, is no drawback when it comes to recruiting.
We have great coaches, a great AD, a great environment and several schools that are as good as you will find anywhere.
I have drunk the Kool Aid so much that I will be surprised if we do not get Ryan Wingo.