There’s been some chatter

about Johnathan McGill. He entered the portal yesterday as a grad transfer and because of that Arkansas was able to reach out to him today. Early but could be one to watch.

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I read yesterday that one reason David Shaw failed at Stanford is that they don’t take transfers. Not the football team, the entire school. The only transfer on their roster this year was a player who got admitted to Stanford’s graduate school on his own and then walked on. Doesn’t impact this kid because he’s leaving, although he might not have left if Shaw were still there.

I read his bio. Seems undersized for SEC safety. JMHO.

Added note of interest to Hog fans. * Attended same high school as former Cardinal Solomon Thomas

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Catalon type?

I would think if that’s all about the kid transferring. If the right Graduate wants to transfer and enroll in the Stanford and is academically acceptable and the acceptable to the football coach, I see no reason Stanford would say no. Are you saying they have a policy that says otherwise? Likewise, if an exceptional student happens to play football and decides he now wants to go to Standford and gets accepted, I don’t see why he’d be barred from playing football. So I’m struggling to understand this comment.

I thought of that too, maybe more like Joe Fouche or Brooks as a hybrid rather than true safety. I think he would be good prospect from the bio, certainly smart enough, just the physical part of having to come up and take on big backs and tight ends.

Stanford University doesn’t take transfers at all, basically. The article I read said the whole university only accepted 40 transfers last year, and those were probably from Harvard or somewhere. If you didn’t get in out of high school, you aren’t going to backdoor your way in as a transfer.

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There are some transfers being linked to Arkansas that aren’t going to happen.

Do you have names Richard?

I do but rather not say. Just watch who visits and who doesn’t.

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Gotcha. Will be a busy next few weeks! Any thoughts on Jacolby Criswell?

There’s smoke.

Because the transfers are not interested? Or Arkansas is not interested?

If they are not going to happen, why couldn’t you say ?

He can’t say as it might expose sources I figure.

I think you have some who want to come but the coaches are not pursuing and vice versa.

Just got to let it play out.

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