There might be someone notable

visiting Arkansas BB for the Texas State game next Sat. Will obviously post more if it happens.

2019 or 2020?

I might not be able to make it.

Gas, I think he is talking about someone that can play in the young league, not the old fart from Levy league :smiley:

My bad

A grad transfer Q B, I hope ?

we talking football or BB?

Big Rich with the tease!

We can guess. I’ll guess either Franklin, Dou (if they are both on break) or could be Gerald Doakes. Darkhorse being stud Jalyn McCreary.

Since RD said visiting AR BB, must be a BB prospect at the top of our list.

Yes,… but also might be a FB player going to the game,… I don’t know is why I asked.

Well one thing for sure it’s someone “Notable”

BB kid. Football dead period starts at midnight tonight and goes until Jan. 10. Schools can communicate with kids but no on campus or off campus visits.

Moses Moody back home for holidays?

Any more clues?

The kid wasn’t able to come this weekend. They’ll try and bring him in at a later date,


Wa Waaaaa! Insert Debbie Downer face. :lol: ghg