There might be a

surprise grad transfer for football.

I’ll let it play out a bit before saying more.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: …hope he’s a good one.

Would he be eligible immediately?

Whoever it is, I hope he is a LBer.

I believe Grad transfers are always immediately eligible.

This is the guy I was talking about here. I misunderstood my source.

I thought the source was talking grad transfer, but that was a later message.

Story: … 17a7f.html

Grad transfers are always eligible immediately. However this one isn’t a grad transfer.

Which class will he count against?

We never got a 29th signee, so still room in class of 2019.

The way I understand it the 2019 class stands at 27. With Trelon Smith and Luke Jones to be counted towards the 2020 recruiting class.

I hope we get him but all his twitter account says is “Very blessed to get an offer from Penn State” and a few days later “Blessed to get an offer from Arkansas”.

So, we’re using it on a kicker who isn’t eligible this season, and I know the workings of the class numbers. I’d be surprised if he is a 2019, of which we still have room for two, unless they have given up on a LB or DB.

that allows you to be immediately eligible if you were a walk on at your old school and the new school is offering you a scholarship.

So he would be immediately eligible if he decides to come here.

Jordan Stout would be eligible next season because he is going from a walk on at Virginia Tech to a scholarship at his next destination

Arkansas is at 27 in the 2019 class right now.

Per Coach Morris before Luke Jones’ announcement, he had two spots left.

Jordan Stout has been offered a 2019 scholarship.

Kicker Jared Sackett and Treon Smith are not on scholarship as of yet.

I am not sure about Luke Jones yet, but all three could be blue shirted.

Ok, makes a little more sense now, thanks.

Sounds like this guy would be immediately eligible because he was a walk-on at VTech. And if you have concerns that we don’t get enough touchbacks on kickoffs, this guy might fix them. Although our opponents’ average starting position after kickoffs has often been better (for us) than a touchback every time would be, there is the risk that they pop a big one occasionally.