There is still hope for baseball

I don’t know how strong that hope is given the current state of affairs, and it would obviously look a lot different than originally scheduled, but the baseball season has not been completely written off yet at Arkansas.

The SEC has not made a final determination on the status of spring sports. Until it does, there exists a chance that we might see some baseball games later in the spring.

Somebody posted last night that he had called the ticket office for a refund on SEC baseball tournament tickets and was told that the tournament had not been cancelled yet. If they’re able to resume the season in early April, they could play the full SEC schedule and have the tournament in June, since the CWS won’t be in the way. Unless the NCAA reverses course on that.

That’s good to hear!
I pray this Wuhan Coronavirus has shown signs of weakening well before then. For a lot more reasons than sports!!

Whew finally some reasoning here. Slow down take a breath for a minute.

I should note that baseball is not the only spring sport in limbo. The others are softball, outdoor track, tennis and golf.

Be careful calling it the “Wuhan” or “Chinese” virus or you will be labeled a xenaphobe or racist in today’s politically correct, but hypocritical environment.


get your politics out of here, keep it sports related

TOURNAMENT (S) ALL REMAINING Spring and Winter Championships

Meanwhile baseball players who want another year of eligibility can get one

I have been posting on this forum for many years and know very well what the guidelines are with regard to opinions about religion, politics or bullying.
Nothing that I said crossed any of those lines, I was simply stating facts and if those facts bother you then disregard the post and move on, but don’t think that you have the right to stop anyone’s 1st amendment rights no matter the topic.

Just because the NCAA Tournament has been canceled does not mean the conferences cannot play their regularly-scheduled games. It’s unlikely the SEC does, but it hasn’t been ruled out.

I would say hope is pretty well dashed now.

This board isn’t bound by the 1st amendment. The board is private & the first amendment rights belong to the owner of the board. It’s immaterial whether what you say is “fact” or not. It’s a political post. There are lots of forums available to express political views, but I, for one, come here to get away from politics.

There are policital tangents that exist right now. But keep them away from here.

Ok how about them Cowboys.
Ooops just trying to steer things in another direction here. Don’t shoot me.

I find it odd that folks other than borehog, the poster which I was giving some advice about a sensitive subject matter which he may not have been aware of being the case felt compelled to get involved.
It just further solidifies exactly what I was attempting to point out In the borehog post.
Im sorry if I unintentionally offended any of my fellow forum buddies, it was not my intent at all.
I respect everyone’s opinions even if I disagree with them.

dfarris, you speak the truth, which the PC police ‘choose’
to attack. You can rest assured they do not take the same high road you do in respecting other people’s opinions even if you disagree with it. Dictators aren’t diplomatic.